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Rackspace is dedicated to open source and open community. We want to empower and support developers to rapidly innovate, build applications on OpenStack clouds and to make a difference in the community.

Go make something awesome, on the house.

We're dedicated to making all developers' lives better, and we're passionate about supporting open source projects, communities, and developers.

So here's $300 in Rackspace Cloud credit for you to go forth and make something awesome.

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Open Source & Community

Rackspace is dedicated to open source and open community.

From OpenStack, to a wide range of Open Source projects spread across the developer community; we encourage Rackers to contribute back to the engineering & developer community.


Follow our official open source projects on Github. All projects in the Rackspace organization are backed by Fanatical Support for Developers and dedicated staff.

Rackspace::Github »


Rackspace and NASA launched OpenStack together to help developers everywhere "unlock-in" the cloud. We have more OpenStack developers on our team than any other company - and all work is open source, open community and open design. Come be a part of it!

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More Open Source?

In addition to official, supported open source projects, Rackers dedicate time during work and personal time to a wide range of open source project and standards, this is why we have /rackerlabs and /racker on Github!

Rackerlabs::Github » Racker::Github »

Official SDKs & Tools

Open Source and backed with Fanatical Support for developers.

Our open source and fully supported developer tools help you get started using any OpenStack cloud in minutes.


Get the Java SDK now!
Supported SDK
jclouds - Official SDK for Java.
Community Links
Twitter: @jclouds
IRC: #jclouds on
Mailing List: Subscribe | Archive
Report Issues: Issue Tracker


Get the .NET SDK now!
Supported SDK - official SDK for .NET. on GitHub
Community Links
Twitter: @rackspace
IRC: #rackspace on
Got Questions:
Report Issues: GitHub


Get the node.js SDK now!
Supported SDK
pkgcloud - official SDK for Node.js.
Community Links
Twitter: @pkgcloud
IRC: #pkgcloud on
Got Questions:
Report Issues: Github


Get the PHP SDK now!
Supported SDK
PHP OpenCloud - official SDK for PHP.
PHP OpenCloud on GitHub
PHP OpenCloud on Packagist
Community Links
IRC: #rackspace on
Got Questions:
Report Issues: GitHub
Contributing: Contributor How-To


Get the Python SDK now!
Supported SDK
pyrax - official SDK for Python.
pyrax on PyPI
Community Links
IRC: #rackspace on
Got Questions:
Report Issues: Github


Get the Ruby SDK now!
Supported SDK
Fog - official SDK for Ruby.
Fog on GitHub
Fog on RubyGems
Community Links
Twitter: @fog
IRC: #ruby-fog on
Mailing List: ruby-fog
Report Issues: Github

Rackspace Cloud Services

Powerful services for developers, built on OpenStack - get going instantly or build your own.

Cloud Servers »

Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack® are virtual machines running Linux or Windows Server in the Rackspace Cloud. You can scale resources like CPU, memory, and storage up or down, depending on your needs. Best of all, you can pay as you go.

Cloud Load Balancers »

Mission-critical web-based applications and workloads require high availability. Load balancing distributes workloads across two or more servers, network links, and other resources to maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overload.

Cloud DNS »

Cloud DNS automates and simplifies Domain Name System management. Using the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and REST-based API, you can list, add, modify, and remove domains, subdomains, and records, as well as import and export domains and records.

Cloud Monitoring »

Cloud Monitoring is an API-driven cloud service built for infrastructure monitoring. It offers a simple yet powerful feature set, allowing extreme flexibility in configuration and execution.

Cloud Files »

Cloud Files, powered by OpenStack®, provides an easy to use online storage for files and media which can be delivered globally at blazing speeds over Akamai's content delivery network (CDN).

Cloud Networks »

Cloud Networks allows you to create isolated, multi-tiered networks on our Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack®, all with the click of a button. It greatly simplifies networking in the cloud.

Cloud Identity »

Rackspace's implementation of the OpenStack Identity Service. Cloud Identity service performs authentication, generating a token in response to valid credentials, and identification, matching users and their roles.

Auto Scale »

Automatically grow or shrink your cloud. By creating a few simple rules that you define and control, you let us know when and how to grow (or shrink) your cloud’s web or application tiers. That’s it—Auto Scale does the rest.

Cloud Backup »

Cloud Backup is a file-based backup solution that allows customization of files, folders, schedule, retention and notification. Restore your backed up data to any Cloud Server running Cloud Backup.

Cloud Block Storage »

Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack®, delivers consistent performance for your I/O-intensive applications. Choose the service that works best for you - Standard or SSD volumes.

Cloud Images »

Cloud Images, powered by OpenStack®, allows you to share, import, and export your virtual machine images using a REST-based API.

Cloud Databases »

Cloud Databases, powered by OpenStack®, provides fast, scalable, fully managed hosting for your MySQL instances using a REST-based API and open standards.

Cloud Sites »

Cloud sites provides reliable, scalable, simple and versatile platform for hosting your websites and blogs.

Mailgun »

Mailgun is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to send, receive and track email effortlessly.

ObjectRocket »

Built from the ground up, ObjectRocket is the premium MongoDB database-as-a-service (DBaaS). The only solution that is by default highly available, automatically sharded and unbelievably fast.

Airbrake »

Airbrake monitors and collects errors generated by your web or mobile applications, and provides critical data for rapid debugging.

RedisToGo »

RedisToGo is the largest Redis database as a service. We make using Redis simple, providing setup, configuration, graphing and management of Redis instances.

OpenStack® - Open Source, Open Community, and supported by Rackspace.

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