Cloud Regions

Rackspace offers services in six regions across the world. For developers, you will often need the code for whichever region your application is communicating with. These are listed below:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth, United States - DFW
  • Chicago, United States - ORD
  • Northern Virginia, United States - IAD
  • London, United Kingdom - LON
  • Hong Kong, China - HKG
  • Sydney, Australia - SYD

Please be aware that UK customers will be billed differently from customers using services located in other regions; the charges are the same, but you will receive a separate invoice. Below indicates which services are covered by our six regions.

Service Texas (DFW) Chicago (ORD) Virginia (IAD) London (LON) Hong Kong (HKG) Sydney (SYD)
Cloud Servers Cloud Servers
Cloud Files Cloud Files
Cloud Files CDN Cloud Files CDN
Cloud Load Balancers Cloud Load Balancers
Cloud Images Cloud Images
Cloud DNS Cloud DNS Global
Cloud Networks Cloud Networks
Cloud Block Storage Cloud Block Storage
Cloud Databases Cloud Databases
Cloud Big Data Cloud Big Data - -
Cloud Monitoring Cloud Monitoring Global
Cloud Orchestration Cloud Orchestration
Cloud Queues Cloud Queues
Cloud Auto Scale Cloud Auto Scale
Cloud Backup Cloud Backup
Rackspace Identity Rackspace Identity Global
Cloud Feeds Cloud Feeds
RackConnect RackConnect
Cloud Sites Cloud Sites - - - -