Rackspace Developer Discount

Go make something awesome, on us.

As a part of Rackspace's continued dedication and support to the developer community and open source we want to give you something special. Just to say thank you.

The world is filled with developers, hackers, devops people and more - you are the creators, makers, and sustainers. Each day you get up thinking of new, amazing, awesome things and put your imagination and skills to work.

Rackspace is dedicated to making all developers' lives easier and we're passionate about supporting collaborative open source projects and communities.

When you sign up today, you will get USD $300 in free cloud services - that's up to USD $50 per month credit for six months on your Rackspace Cloud account, powered by OpenStack.

The discount does apply to new products, such as our Performance Cloud Servers, Cloud Queues, and other products we launch. Additionally, you are eligible for early access to new features and products we may roll out.

Remember, if you have problems, feedback - or build something, tell us! Call us, email, or join us on IRC (irc.freenode.net, #rackspace) or track us down on Twitter.

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Sigh. Yes, there's fine print - read the terms of service, please - when our legal team isn't fighting the war on patent trolls, and for your rights online, they have to do something!

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