Rackspace is committed to supporting developers and technologists. Our developer advocates write code, document, and build tools to make the Rackspace Cloud Platform and OpenStack easy to use. We give talks, organize conferences, teach workshops, and field questions from people around the world. We also offer sponsorships for technical events and discounted hosting for OSS projects. Let us know what kind of support you need, and a Racker will reach out to you.

Open Source Contributions

Open source is part of the job description for many Rackers, and we make several types of code and community contributions, including:

  • Building tools in-house and sharing them on Github.
  • Accepting pull requests and mentoring developers who want to contribute to our projects.
  • Fielding questions in email, irc, and on Stack Overflow.
  • Documenting, documenting, and more documenting.
  • Designing and implementing new tools in the open.
  • Organizing meetups and conferences and maintaining an active presence in many technical communities.

Our developers build and maintain SDKs and CLIs for the Rackspace Cloud Platform and OpenStack. We also work on open source projects outside of the Rackspace and OpenStack ecosystems, including PyPI, pip, virtualenv, IPython, Jupyter, Apache, Docker, and GitLab, among others.

Event Sponsorship Program

Rackspace developers and developer advocates attend, sponsor, speak at, and facilitate hundreds of events around the world. This "fanatical support" in the field is central to Rackspace's mission. We want to meet developers where they are, in their communities, and show them the love and support they need to build amazing things on the Rackspace Cloud Platform. For more information about our Events Sponsorship Program, contact us at sponsorships@rackspace.com.

OSS Hosting Program

Rackspace provides generous discounts on hosting for more than 150 OSS projects and communities. We support a wide range of projects in the areas of security, scientific computing, and big data, among others.

What type of events does Rackspace sponsor?

We sponsor large and small conferences, meetups, workshops, hackathons, and other kinds of tech community gatherings. We like to be hands-on with the communities we support, so we almost always attend the events we sponsor.

What kind of sponsorships do you provide?

Usually we offer financial support through our Events Sponsorship Program, but we can also provide space for meetups and workshops in some of our offices. Let us know what you're looking for. We also offer discounted hosting for open source projects and open communities through our OSS Hosting Program.

Where is the Developer Experience team based?

Our developer advocates, developers, and information developers are located in the metro areas of San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Austin, San Antonio, Columbus, Salt Lake City, New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. We also have developer advocates in London and Berlin.

Can I get a Racker to speak or teach at my event?

Yes! We love to attend and participate in the events we sponsor. If a Racker is available and in the area, we'll send her to give a talk at your event.