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Ruby Treats For October

Here are the latest Ruby treats from the Developer Relations Group.

Fog (1.16.0)

After two months the fog community released 1.16.0. With all this extra time we sure managed to pack a lot of goodies into it!

Highlights include:

  • Support for Rackspace Auto Scaling.
  • The Rackspace Compute provider now defaults to Next Gen Servers.
  • Cloud Block Storage now supports creating volumes using a snapshots.
  • Cloud Servers now retrieves full details for flavor and image calls.

Auto scaling is our favorite new feature. To help you get started right away, we have created a quick start guide and have included several examples. <!-- more -->

And if you still do not have access to this exciting new feature, you can request it here.

vagrant-rackspace (0.1.4)

vagrant-rackspace now allows you to provision servers with custom networks using the option.

For example, if you wanted to create a server and attach it to the Internet, Rackpace ServiceNet, along with custom network 443aff42-be57-effb-ad30-c097c1e4503f you would update your Vagrantfile as follows:

config.vm.provider :rackspace do |rs|
  rs.username = "mitchellh"
  rs.api_key  = "1234" '443aff42-be57-effb-ad30-c097c1e4503f'

For more information refer to the network section of the vagrant-rackspace documentation.

rumm (0.0.24)

And finally a long requested feature for rumm --multiple region support!

When you login to rumm it will now ask you for your default region. To access servers outside of this region simply prefix your rumm command with REGION=<region name>.

For example to list servers in the IAD data center you would execute the following:

REGION=iad rumm show servers

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Kyle Rames is a developer advocate for the Rackspace Cloud specializing in all things Ruby. You can follow him on twitter @krames and on Github as krames.


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