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Mailgun PHP SDK Now Available

At Rackspace we've been putting a lot of work into SDKs lately. Recently the team at Mailgun joined the SDK club and released an officially supported SDK for PHP. They are also working on SDKs for additional languages like C#, Ruby and Python which will be coming soon.

In addition to providing a way to interact with the Mailgun API, the PHP SDK has a few really cool utilities that make it way easier to do some common, but complex tasks.<!-- more --> You can check out the full post about the SDK over on the Mailgun blog, but here is one example of what you can do:

Registering your users for a mailing list

One of the most common ways to communicate with customers is through mailing lists. Properly managing those mailing lists can be a pain through, from validating the users email, to managing double-opt and unsubscribes there is a lot to manage and a lot of code to write. The Mailgun PHP SDK does all that, including using their new free address validation service to validate the accuracy of the email addresses.

The typical flow for using this Opt-in handler class would be as follows:

Recipient Requests Subscribe -> [Validate Recipient Address] -> [Generate Opt In Link] -> [Email Recipient Opt In Link]

Recipient Clicks Opt In Link -> [Validate Opt In Link] -> [Subscribe User] -> [Send final confirmation]

It is best to use this class for your website subscription forms, so you’ll need a web server accessible to the internet to handle the validation link click.

For more details check out the the full blog on And if you didn't already know, remember that Rackspace customers can use Mailgun for free, up to 50,000 emails per month. Just click on the "More" link in the Rackspace Cloud control panel, then select Mailgun.


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