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Up to $300 of Cloud Services Free just for you - and all your friends

Something special, just for you!

When you sign up today, you will get USD $300 of cloud services FREE—that's up to USD $50 per month credit for six months on your Rackspace Cloud account, powered by OpenStack®.

The discount applies to all cloud products including our newly launched Performance flavors for Cloud Servers (available in US and London regions), powered by OpenStack®.

Performance flavors are backed by:
100 percent RAID 10 SSD storage
Powerful Intel Xeon® processors
40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to every host machine

Performance flavors range from 1GB to 120GB of RAM and can power applications from simple web hosting to high performance NoSQL datastores like MongoDB and Cassandra.

Based on our testing, Performance flavors for Cloud Servers significantly outperform comparatively-sized Standard Cloud Servers, offering as much as 2.1 times more processing power; 59 times more disk I/O; 3.6 times more network bandwidth; 2.8 times better overall performance.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead, use the Rackspace Cloud to architect, build and scale your application. And don’t forget—with our 24x7x365 Fanatical Support®, we are always here to provide the unmatched expertise and service you need to help you succeed along the way.

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I accept the Terms of Service: Sign up »
Some details:
New accounts only; discount can not be applied to existing accounts.
Available for US, UK, Hong Kong and Sydney based Cloud.
USD $50 (£30) credit per month for six months beginning the day you sign-up; no rollover.
You are liable for all costs above $50 (£30) per month.
Not applicable to Cloud Sites or Managed Cloud.
You can only sign up for one discount/trial account!

Yes, there's fine print - read the terms of service, please - when our legal team isn't fighting the war on patent trolls, and for your rights online, they have to do something!

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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