Indiegogo Uses Rackspace and Chef to Handle Massive Traffic

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Recently, Opscode released a case study on Rackspace customer Indiegogo and their use of Chef to power their fundraising efforts. Last year, MTV came to Indiegogo and asked them to power their telethon fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy. Oh, and it had to be ready in FOUR DAYS. Indiegogo used the Opscode Hosted Chef platform and more than 500 Rackspace Cloud Servers to have 100% uptime throughout the entire event.

Indiegogo coupled the scalability of the cloud with physical database servers to handle the immense traffic they received during the telethon. Using Hosted Chef and its Knife API plugin for Rackspace, Indiegogo was able to configure all the necessary servers in one day’s time, an unprecedented undertaking for the crowd-funding leader.

You can read the Opscode blog post here or read the case study.

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